It all started with a small Design & Frontend development agency founded in 2014. It's name was (and still is) Ents. After a couple of e-commerce projects, Ents' founder decided to look deeper into this Shopify thing. His vision started taking shape when on 2016 we became certified Shopify Experts.
Sounds good agency's future founder - David - was the first hire to run this Shopify Experts department. Here are some of the cool things he achieved there in the first two years:

  • From 0 to 70 reviews as Shopify Experts
  • Started (and closed) two online stores for the Czech market to learn more about the platform potential and limitations
  • Become one of the few experts with access to Shopify‚Äôs Hosted Payment SDK. This allowed us to create many integrations with different local payment gateways.

After those two amazing years, our small Shopify department became something else. Now we were bringing most of the revenue into the agency. We were a mature business at that point, so Sounds Good Agency was born in late 2018. Ents still serve their clients as a Design & Frontend agency and now Sounds Good team can be laser-focused in the Shopify ecosystem.

Two more years have passed and our team has grown bigger and stronger. We've done a lot of interesting work, helped stores moving to Shopify Plus and created more integrations. Above all this, we're serving our clients longer and better. Instead of hunting around for more projects all the time, we commit to our clients first. They are our main partners and focus at all times.