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Are you planning to move to Shopify Plus? You don't know how to levearage Shopify to your needs?
From big migrations to theme and app development, we are happy to help you. We breath Shopify.
Store build & Migration
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Build a new store

Wether you're moving your legacy e-commerce infrastructure to Shopify Plus or you're just launching a completely new start-up, we know exactly what you need. Let's have a coffee and build your roadmap to success on Shopify.


Feeling the stress? Moving thousands of products, rebuilding processes, simplifying operations... It doesn't have to be an headache though.

From our experience, the biggest mistake a company can do while migrating to Shopify is avoiding certified external partners to assist in the transition. Without our expertise, what could be done in 3 months, may end up taking you 1 year (yes, that happened with a client of ours who later regretted that they didn't start with us sooner).

Store Setup

Shopify is a super intuitive platform for entrepeneurs and businesses. However, it may be overwhelming for you to navigate through all the amazing options it offers you in the beginning. Our role is to make sure you don't miss a single setting and once you launch your online store, everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as it should.

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A vision without a plan is an empty dream. Nobody wants that, right? We have the team to code your vision into reality. Don't let any technical challenge slow your brand down or stagnate your growth. Since we focus exclusively on Shopify, we spend all of our time making sure all challenges become opportunities for you.

Theme Development

Isn't your theme enough? Do you want to stand out from your competitors? It may be the right time to invest in your store's design and implement all the amazing features and UX your customers want and deserve. We can work with your own design files or we can create a new one to fulfil all your needs.

Extra functionalities

Are you happy with your store, but still missing a crucial feature? We are here fore you! After seeing hundreds of stores and implementations, we're able to quickly figure out the challenges you face and come up with the best solution for your specific business.

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Shopify gives you powerful tools to make your vision real without depending on anyone. To make sure all your customers can engage with your vision, our designers will be your co-creators.

Brand identity design

Without an identity, who are we? No matter, if you're just starting or if your business reached amazing figures: it's always relevant to look into your brand more deeply and give you space to reinvent yourself. More than just a logo, branding is about communication. Let us help you communicate your whole personality with your clients.

Theme Design

Have you ever left a shop just because you didn't feel well there? Your online store is the most important point of contact between you and your visitors and loyal customers. Treating this sales channel with respect goes a long way to build trust and increase conversions.

We are with you throughout the whole process: customising your existing theme, designing a new one or even building a completely new solution for your headless Shopify Plus store.

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Custom apps

Besides everything you can do without any code on Shopify, this amazing platform has a great gift for power users and complex businesses: their APIs. The way Shopify is built allow us to create awesome apps specifically tailored to your needs.

Custom integrations

Is there a specific system you need to use and doesn't communicate with Shopify? We can build that integration for you. Shipping carriers, inventory management systems, invoicing software, marketing and analytics tools and much more - there's no reason to keep doing everything manually. Speak with us and we'll help you automate the boring work.

Payment gateway integrations

We are one of the few Shopify Experts with access to the Hosted Payments SDK maintained by Shopify. With our expertise, we've brought already 3 payment gateways to the Shopify ecosystem. We're eager to help many more amazing payment systems to serve the Shopify community.

New functionalities

Sometimes you need to start from scratch to build something new - only for you.  We see Shopify merchants like you: frustrated because all the 5+ apps they tried didn't fit their specific needs. That's the moment when we think about creating a custom app specifically for your store. It's an investment that pays out as your customers engage more with your brand, your conversion rates improve or even internal processes get automated.

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How do we start?
Nice to meet you

Before kicking off the project we need to know more about you. Use our contact form or book a call with us. This is the best way for us to discover how we can help take your business to the next level.

Project Analysis

Once we know we're a good fit, we will take an in-depth look at your requirements and find the best solution for each problem and challenge.


Finally, we'll create a proposal agreement. This ensures we are on the same page in terms of scope, cost and timeframes. Let's kick this off!

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We look forward to cooperating with you on your Shopify store.

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David was quick to respond to any of our queries, at whatever scale. David developed the website and continued to provide extensive post-launch assistance. He often found ways to overcome our technical problems and was always available to edit our design adjustments. BOTTLETOP is happy to continue working with SGA and would highly recommend the Sounds Good Agency services.

Salma Barakat