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What if regular Shopify isn’t enough? Let us help you build your ecommerce on Shopify Plus - an advanced platform that’s made for scaling.

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What is Shopify Plus? And is it worth it?

The Shopify Plus program is an advanced option for sought-after brands and fast-growing businesses. It's a good idea to start thinking about this option if your annual turnover is close to CZK 23 million (USD 1 million). During our operation, we cooperated with Czech e-shops in this program and we also helped several of them to switch to this program.

Shopify Plus provides many benefits for a growing e-shop. It can make your work easier and help automate processes. This will allow you to focus on the relationship with your clients instead of solving problems, and your business can grow faster and more smoothly.

In The Shopify Plus Program you get:

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Customizable checkout:

● Access to the source code of the checkout - you can change the frontend and design of this part of the purchasing process.

● Shopify Scripts - allows you to set additional rules for discounts, payments and shipping

● You will use Launch Engineer to integrate third parties and also make it easier to find partners for the development and creation of a specific design for your business.


Shopify applications:

Shopify Flow platform that allows you to streamline manual processes across your e-shop and applications.

● The Launchpad is used to plan and coordinate vents, such as sales, discounts, re-stocking, etc. You can also use it for planned design changes, which will automatically launch at a time you set.

● Use the Transporter app to import records of products, customers and orders into the Shopify e-shop. The application supports CSV, processes the data and then imports it as objects into Shopify.

Bulk Account Inviter is useful for inviting customers to activate their accounts in your e-shop. You will greatly appreciate this, for example, when switching to Shopify.


Additional APIs :

that allow integration with custom applications and usage:

gift cards - an alternative payment method


user - allows you to manage your team's user accounts. You can add, edit and delete accounts. There are different levels of authority.


And much more:

● Nine expansion repositories for the possibility of international growth, physically separated locations and other related aspects. This means that you can have up to 10 e-shops for your brand under one account. A typical scenario is to have one Shopify store for each sales area: one for the Czech Republic, another for the EU, US, Asia, etc.

Wholesale channel, which allows you to create a separate, password-protected e-commerce wholesale.

Merchant Success Program to help you get the most out of Shopify Plus.

● Access to Shopify Plus Academy for self-study in key areas for the development of your business.

● Membership in Shopify Plus Community Facebook. Here you can share strategies and experiences with other high-volume traders.

Our Shopify Plus projects

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Price list

12 month

Unlike current Shopify accounts, Shopify Plus concludes a 12-month contract. Prices range from $ 2,000 to $ 40,000 per month. It is determined by agreement and is based on the total annual turnover. It is a significant amount, but if Shopify Plus suits your business, it will pay off.

$2000 - $40000
per month

If the minimum price of $ 2,000 per month is unbearable for you, this solution may not be for you yet. But it's always good to know about it. Very often, one or two Shopify Plus functions will make the biggest difference in sales, conversion rate and final profit.

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David and his team delivered a visually stunning website for us, he is very knowledgeable and accommodating especially with last minute requirement changes. David took in the entire scope of the project and delivered beyond all expectations.

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We first assigned just a few jobs to SGA. They delivered so quickly and in an excellent mode, that we assigned him a lot more, a custom app included. Highly recommend!

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